Fan speed regulators

The fan speed controller FP-FSR-8 is designed to be installed on refrigeration units in order to maintain a given level of condensing pressure in the system by changing the speed of rotation of the condenser fans due to voltage regulation. The device is a slave, control takes place on the master device. The device provides unified input signals 0..10V and 4..20 mA, digital inputs for remote activation and alarms, as well as an alarm relay.
Model Power Supply Pressure range IP AI DO
FP-FSR-8 400 В +/-10%, 50/60 Гц 25.....99% от напряжения питания IP55 0....10 В - 1 шт, 4....20 мА - 1 шт. Макс.1А, 250 В, 30В пост.тока

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