Liquid separators. 12,0

Sucti online accumulators main purpose – deliver refrigerant to a compressor only as a gas. All units with flooded evaporators need this item, as well as system with overheated evaporators to prevent liquid refrigerant accumulation in suction line. Apart from liquid separation suction accumulators provides oil return to compressor . Suction accumulator using provides protection from wet compression and hydroblows, guarantees mechanical intactness of the cooling system.

Suction accumulators range presented by models from 2,0 to 45,0 liters of two types - type B and type C. A fastener of types C from 2,0 to 7,0 liters is central pin with thread M8, and to install type B from 12,0 to 45,0 there are four holes l ocat ed around t he c i rc umferenc e of t he annul ar supporting area. All oil separators have inch inlet/outlet copper connections.
Model Diameter, mm Qo(R134A) Qo(R22/R407C) Qo(R507/R404A) Declaration_EAC Height, mm In Out SVP, 1 1/4" Volume, L Working pressure, MPa Testing pressure, MPa
FP-AS-12,0-218 190 105 144 112 /files/large/dd71c2a72a9e81293d27bd6f86391e1e.png 546 2 1/8" 2 1/8" + 12.0 1,7 2,5
FP-AS-12,0-258 190 159 117 127 /files/large/dd71c2a72a9e81293d27bd6f86391e1e.png 546 2 5/8" 2 5/8" + 12.0 1,7 2,5

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