Oil separators. 12,0

Oil in refrigeration system contacts with refrigerant, being carried with it from a compressor to discharge line and spread out all over the system. Installed on discharge line oil  separator separates oil droplets and prevents oil getting to heat exchangers. Design features FRIGOPOINTтм oil separators provide efficient separation of oil.

Oil separators range presented by models from 2,0 to 12,0 liters  of  two  types  -  type  B  and type C.  Oil separators FRIGOPOINTтм equipped with  a stainless   steel float mechanism, which provides efficient separation and automatic  oil bypass to compressor crankcase; permanent 
magnet catches up all microscopic iron particles out of the system. A fastener of types C from 2,0 to 7,0 liters is central pin with thread M8, and to install type B there are four holes located around the circumference of the annular supporting area. All oil separators have inch inlet/outlet copper connections.
Model Diameter, mm Height, mm In Out ORP SVP, 1 1/4" Volume, L Working pressure, MPa Testing pressure, MPa OS_Coefficient_A OS_Coefficient_B Declaration_EAC
FP-OS-12,0-218 190 562 2 1/8" 2 1/8" + + 12.0 2,8 3,5 -0,5952 49,16667 /files/large/dd71c2a72a9e81293d27bd6f86391e1e.png
FP-OS-12,0-258 190 -0,6048 71,00806 /files/large/dd71c2a72a9e81293d27bd6f86391e1e.png 565 2 5/8" 2 5/8" + + 12.0 2,8 3,5

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