Oil filters are disposable

FP-OF oil filters are compatible with all types of refrigerants and refrigeration oils. Fine-meshed filter element is a steel net. The magnitude of delayed particles - more than 0.05 mm.

Application of two niobium magnets can be used for filters filtering the oil flow in two directions. Installed in the filter magnets allow delay metal magnetizable particles substantially smaller than the mesh filter catches.

Thus, oil filters FP-OF efficiently purified oil extending the useful life of the refrigeration unit.

Model Connector Size of captured particles, mkm Niobium magnets Working pressure, MPa Testing pressure, MPa
FP-OF-014 7/16"-20UNF(1/4"SAE) > 50 мкм + 2,8 3,5
FP-OF-038 5/8"-18 UNF (3/8"SAE) > 50 мкм + 2,8 3,5
FP-OF-012 3/4"-16 UNF (1/2"SAE) > 50 мкм + 2,8 3,5
FP-OF-058 7/8"-14 UNF (5/8"SAE) > 50 мкм + 2,8 3,5

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