Fan speed regulator FP-CPR1-4

<span rgb(70,="" 70,="" 70);="" font-family:="" "open="" sans",="" "helvetica="" neue",="" helvetica,="" arial,="" sans-serif;="" font-size:="" 13px;"="">The fan speed regulator FP-CPR1-4 is designed for installation on refrigeration units in order to maintain a given level of condensation pressure in the system by changing the rotation speed of the condenser fans by regulating the voltage. The device is self-contained and has a pressure measurement port; the output voltage changes according to a proportional algorithm relative to the setpoint (screw on the front panel).
Model Working pressure, MPa Testing pressure, MPa Power Supply Pressure range IP
FP-CPR1-4 4,5 МПа 5,0 МПа ~230 В +/-10%, 50 Гц 25..99 % от напряжения питания I P67

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