August 2020 | Archive | News

FP updates 3D model libraries

Changes have been made to the following nomenclatures:
FP-LR. Added models FP-LR-300 and FP-LR-350;
FP-LRH. Added models FP-LRH-300 and FP-LRH-350;
FP-OSR. Added oil separators with oil sump;
FP-RV. Added rotalock valves FP-RV-014 SAE and FP-RV-038SAE
FP-TV. Added three-way valve FP-TV-114-038.
FP-ERL. Added separate FP-ERL and adapter models.

FP: annual planned production holidays 17/08/2020 - 30/10/2020.

The Frigopoint company recalls the annual planned summer vacation. During the period from 17/08/2019 to 30/10/2020 inclusive, the Frigopoint plant will not work.
FP warehouse in the Moscow region and sales departments of the Russian Federation will work as planned.
FP warehouse in Europe in Ruse (Bulgaria) and sales department in Europe are operating as planned.
The FP warehouse in Belgorod will not work from 08/17/2020 to 08/24/2020.