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FP: annual planned production holidays 19/08/2019 - 01/09/2019

The company Frigopoint reminds of the annual summer planned vacation. In the period from 08/19/2019 through 01/09/2019

New Angle Valve FP-RV-318

The Russian plant of refrigeration components Frigopoint announces a new angle valve for welding FP-RV-318. Angle valve has steel connecting pipes, welding DN80 mm. The valve does not have an anti-corrosion coating, therefore, after installation, it is necessary to apply anti-corrosion protection. Operating pressure 45 bar. The overall characteristics of the valve are presented below:
The valves are designed as stop valves for cyclone oil separators and refrigerant receivers of 300 and 350 liters.
3D models can be downloaded from the link >>>