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Comparison of the cost of oil return systems of high and low pressure

In June 2020, the Russian refrigeration components plant Frigopoint announced the launch of serial production of new cyclonic oil separators with an FP-OSR oil sump. Cyclonic oil separators with integrated oil receiver are used in systems with active oil return (high pressure oil return systems). The oil separator performs the functions of simultaneously separating and storing oil, as a result of which the need for an oil receiver is eliminated. The new two-stage oil separation system combines the advantages of cyclonic and coalescent oil separators.

New models of liquid separators, oil separators, oil receivers PS 45 bar: FP-AS (MP), FP-OS (MP)

Since 2020, the Russian plant of refrigeration equipment components Frigopoint has begun production of serial models of oil separators, liquid separators and oil receivers for R410a refrigerant with operating pressure up to 45 bar. FP production is certified for the manufacture of containers up to 1 cubic meter and pressures up to 45 bar.

Frigopoint brought production of FP-SDF filters to the planned number (more than 2000 pcs/month)

From May 1, 2020, the Russian factory of components for refrigeration equipment Frigopoint entered the planned mass production of more than 2000 units. per month. Stocks of filters are maintained at the warehouses Moscow, Ruse (Bulgaria), Belgorod and are available to order. Filters are compatible with cartridges of leading manufacturers.

New suction accumulators with steel connections FP-AS (ST)

Frigopoint, the Russian plant for refrigeration components, is announcing the launch of mass production and a warehouse program for new suction accumulators with steel connefor welding.