New suction accumulators with steel connections FP-AS (ST) | News

New suction accumulators with steel connections FP-AS (ST)

New suction accumulator with steel connections FP-AS (ST)

Frigopoint, the Russian plant for refrigeration components, is announcing the launch of mass production and a warehouse program for new suction accumulators with steel connefor welding.
The steel pipe design is suitable for mounting both copper and steel pipes. In the case of copper (pipes), the pipe is inserted inside and soldered; in the case of steel (pipes), the pipe is also inserted inside the pipe and lap welding is performed.
Overall characteristics of liquid separators do not differ from liquid separators with copper nozzles; overall characteristics of liquid separators
Model DD, мм H, мм А, мм In/Out, мм Volume, л
FP-AS-12,0-218 ST 190 545 320 54 12
FP-AS-25,0-218 ST 240 660 455 54 25
FP-AS-25,0-258 ST 240 660 455 67 25
FP-AS-12,0-318 ST 325 645 411 81 45

Drawings of steel connections in attachement