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Comparison of the cost of oil return systems of high and low pressure

Comparison of the cost of oil return systems of high and low pressure​ 
In June 2020, the Russian refrigeration components plant Frigopoint announced the launch of serial production of new cyclonic oil separators with an FP-OSR oil sump. Cyclonic oil separators with integrated oil receiver are used in systems with active oil return (high pressure oil return systems). The oil separator performs the functions of simultaneously separating and storing oil, as a result of which the need for an oil receiver is eliminated. The new two-stage oil separation system combines the advantages of cyclonic and coalescent oil separators.
Due to the many questions that have been received, we publish a comparison of the equipment to compare the cost of components and work on the installation of high and low pressure oil return systems. First of all, we give the schemes for the return of high and low pressure oil:

Accordingly, FP-OSR replaces OS oil separator, OR oil sump, there is no need for differential check valve DV, rotary valves RV, oil flow indicator OG, copper pipes connecting oil separator / oil sump, differential check valve / suction line, stand for oil receiver mounting, oil mount filter (it is screwed into the rotalock mounted on the FP-OSR).
Comparative tables of equipment:

To compare prices, you can use the company's price list (by applying your discount) at the link
For retail prices (excluding discounts), this table looks like this:
Модель Стоимость системы высокого давления, евро без НДС / без учета скидки Стоимость системы возврата масла низкого давления, евро без НДС / без учета скидки
Комплектующие из прайса FP Комплектующие не входящие в прайс FP
FP-OSR-6-034 166,03 152,37 Элемент крепления  OR
Хомут крепления OF
Медная труба 10 mm~2 м
Гайка 3/8 – 4 шт
Опционально: шаровый вентиль BV-038 между OS и OR
Работы по монтажу и соединению
FP-OSR-8-078 171,92 160,21
FP-OSR-8-118 172,88 162,45
FP-OSR-12-138 179,28 172,58
FP-OSR-12-158 208,18 231,07
FP-OSR-16-218 243,28 241,89
Recall that the high pressure oil return system also has technical advantages:
• High speed of oil return;
• Two stages of oil separation - higher separation efficiency in systems with variable capacity;
• High efficiency of oil catching - up to 99%;
• Without float design;
The technical characteristics of the cyclonic oil separators are shown below: