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FP updates 3D model libraries

Update of libraries of 3D models FP from 08/11/2020

The Russian factory of refrigeration equipment components Frigopoint announces the update of 3D models of refrigeration equipment components produced by the company.
All 3D models comply with the data presentation standards established in the territory of the countries of TR CU GOST R ISO10303-1-99 and EU ISO10303. 3D models have the .stp extension and are compatible with the most common CAD programs.
The library is structured by sections of products manufactured by the plant.
Changes have been made to the following nomenclatures:
FP-LR. Added models FP-LR-300 and FP-LR-350;
FP-LRH. Added models FP-LRH-300 and FP-LRH-350;
FP-OSR. Added oil separators with oil sump;
FP-RV. Added rotalock valves FP-RV-014 SAE and FP-RV-038SAE
FP-TV. Added three-way valve FP-TV-114-038.
FP-ERL. Added separate FP-ERL and adapter models.
You can download the library from the office. site of the plant: http://frigopoint.com/ru/3dmodels