FP: annual planned production holidays 31/12/2020-24/01/2021 | News

FP: annual planned production holidays 31/12/2020-24/01/2021

The Frigopoint company recalls the annual planned winter vacation. In the period from 31/12/2020 to 24/01/2021 inclusive, the Frigopoint plant will work partially.
The Frigopoint plant has switched to a scheduled vacation system since 2014 (winter vacation in January and summer vacation in August) in order to maintain a continuous production cycle.
FP warehouse in Moscow region / Europe and sales departments in RF / Europe will operate as planned. Shipments during this period will not be terminated.
(!) Unlike previous years, the plant will partially fulfill orders during the holidays, the announced production dates for the 2nd decade of January will be fulfilled.
We ask you to take this into account when drawing up a procurement plan and planning your production and commercial activities.