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FAQ:safety devices in accordance with TR CU 032/2013 (part 1)

Frequently asked questions: safety devices in accordance with TR CU 032/2013 (rules of operation, certification, installation, settings). Part 1

The Russian factory of refrigeration equipment components Frigopoint has prepared and published a list of frequently asked questions on safety devices - operation, certification, installation, settings of safety devices.

What technical regulations and GOST apply to safety valves?
Safety devices are subject to the following regulations:
1. TR CU 032/2013 "On safety of equipment operating under excess pressure";
2. GOST 31294-2005 "Safety valves of direct action";
3. GOST 12.2.085-2002 “Pressure vessels. Safety valves. Safety requirements."

Where should the safety devices be installed?
In accordance with TR CU 032/2013:
b) vessels designed for gases, liquefied gases dissolved under pressure, and vapors, used for working environments of group 2 and having:
the maximum allowable working pressure is over 0.05 MPa, the capacity is more than 0.001 m and the product of the value of the maximum allowable working pressure by the value of the capacity exceeding 0.005 MPa · m;
46. ​​An item of equipment, the internal volume of which is limited by shut-off valves and the pressure in which may rise in excess of the allowable one, is equipped with safety devices that automatically prevent the pressure increase in excess of the allowable one by releasing the working medium into the atmosphere or the utilization system.

Is an additional adapter required to mount the relief valve to the relief valve port on FP receivers?
FP comments:
The valves are mounted on receivers without using additional adapters. FP easy mount safety valve quick mounting system https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eAEkBY0iiAo

The maximum permissible internal volume of a vessel with a working pressure of 2.8 MPa, when using a single safety valve FP-SV-038?
FP comments: In accordance with the calculation of the valve's throughput, PK FP-SV-038 can be installed on vessels with a maximum working pressure of 28 MPa and a volume of up to 250 liters.

What if the vessel does not have a relief valve port?
Safety devices should be installed on branch pipes or pipelines (supply, discharge or drain) directly connected to the vessel.
Installation of shut-off valves between the vessel and the safety device, as well as at the outlet of the safety device, is not allowed.
What documentation should be supplied with safety devices? Required marking.
In accordance with TR CU 032/2013:
d) passports of safety devices (if available in
according to the project documentation);
e) calculation of the throughput of safety devices
(if available in accordance with the project documentation);
h) drawings, diagrams, calculations and other documentation
in accordance with the supply agreement (contract).
The valve passport includes the following information:
a) general information:
manufacturer's name and address;
date of manufacture (production);
name, designation and identification (serial) number;
the purpose of the reinforcement;
information on confirmation of conformity;
60. At the request of consumers (purchasers) and (or) interested parties, a copy of the declaration of conformity or the certificate of conformity must be provided to them free of charge by the manufacturer (person authorized by the manufacturer) or the seller.
61. Equipment that meets the requirements of this technical regulation and has passed the conformity confirmation procedure is marked with a single mark of product circulation on the market of the Customs Union member states.
FP Comments: Consumers often ask for a safety case or certificates for safety devices