Safety valves for MP series (45 bar) FP-SV (MP) -038 | News

Safety valves for MP series (45 bar) FP-SV (MP) -038

Safety valves for MP series (45 bar) FP-SV (MP) -038
The Russian plant of refrigeration equipment components Frigopoint has launched the production of safety valves for the MP - FP-SV (MP) -038 vessel line with a nominal pressure of 45 bar.
The valves are mounted on receivers without using additional adapters. FP easy mount safety valve quick mounting system
Safety valves FP-SV (MP) -038 are supported in stock and included in the price list.
Valve specifications are presented below:
Parameters Meaning
Operating principle Direct acting pre-valve
Drive type mechanical
Nominal pressure, MPa 4.5
Factory setting pressure (Рн), MPa 4.8
Working environment temperature, С -50 ... + 150
Permitted working medium HFC, CFC, HCFC refrigerants
Gate tightness class (according to GOST R 54808) test medium - air B
Estimated cross-sectional area of ​​the flow path, mm2 19.6
Opening pressure range 0.93Rn ... 1.07Rn
Closing pressure range 0.4Zn ... Rn
Permissible downstream pressure * Atmospheric
Permissible leakage on the valve at operating pressure, cm3 / min 0
Climatic version UHL
Weight, kg 0.16

The overall characteristics are the same as for FP-SV-038 and are presented below: