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Explanations on the FP connection dimensions for soldering (mm-inches)

Explanations on the connecting dimensions of Frigopoint for soldering (mm-inches)

Due to the large number of inquiries from customers, the Russian factory components for the cooling system Frigopoint publishes explanations on the actual connection dimensions of the next product line FP-LR / LRH (ST) receivers, FP-AS (ST) liquid separators, FP-OS oil separators, oil separators with oil collector FP-OSR, vibration absorbersFP-VA, dismountable filters FP-SDF, ERV FP-ERV:
1. Connections for FP vessels are copper (in the catalog they are designated ODS (Cu), for example 1/2 "ODS (Cu), threaded (indicated by the UN, UNF thread type, for example 1" UN) and steel (in the ODS (St) catalog, for eg 89 mm ODS (St) It is important that one vessel can have both threaded and copper connections (eg FP-LR-2,5).

2. All inch copper tube connections (except FP-VA-18) are suitable for both metric and inch sizes. For example, the designation VA-038 has an attachment not of 9.52 mm, but of 10 mm (which is suitable for 3/8 ”and 10 mm), similarly to FP-AS-7-158, it has a non-41.25 mm attachment, a 42 mm (which is suitable for both 1 5/8 ”and 42 mm). An exception is VA-18 which is only suitable for 18 mm connection.

3. Steel connections are indicated in mm, drawings of the actual connection are in the catalog:
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