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FAQ. CR series refillable cylinders

CR Series Refillable Cylinder FAQ. The mass of the refrigerant being charged,% of the filling, which side of the valve is the tube on, the weight of the empty cylinder, dimensions
The Russian Refrigeration Component Plant Frigopoint answers frequently asked questions about the CR series refillable cylinders, models CR-15, CR-15Y, CR-30Y and CR-60Y.
- What % filling of the cylinder is recommended?
It is recommended to fill no more than 80% of the volume.
- What is the mass of refrigerant for the different models / refrigerants?
The filling weight is presented in the table, in accordance with the recommended filling% (no more than 80%)

- Which blue or red valve is the liquid tube connected to?
The tube is connected to the red L-liquid line valve. More details in the picture:

- Which valve models E or Y have a safety valve and what pressure is it set to?
The safety valve (reusable) is installed on both valve versions (single and two phase). Factory setting - 4.0 MPa +/- 7%.
 - What is the weight of empty CR series cylinders?
Empty cylinder weight and dimensions are shown in the table

- What are the approvals for CR series refillable cylinders?
At the moment, refillable cylinders are certified according to TR CU - EAC, and PED - CE.
- A passport is attached with the cylinder, should it be kept together with the cylinder?
Required. Each vessel subject to certification has an individual serial number indicated in the passport of the pressure vessel. In the case of checking the compliance of the vessel with the standards, this number is checked first.