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New catalogue 2020

The Russian refrigeration components factory Frigopoint has released a new catalog of refrigeration components 2020. The catalog contains models with an operating pressure of 28 bar and an operating pressure of 45 bar for R410a refrigerant.
The main differences from the nomenclature of 2019:
- New cyclone oil separators FP-OSR;
- New FP-AS liquid separators, with steel nozzles;
- New receivers FP-LRH-300 and FP-LRH-350;
- New rotary valve FP-RV-318-318;
- New safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038;
- Stand for receivers FP-DR;
- Drawings FP-LRH-300 and 350;
- The methodology for calculating liquid separators;
- Information is provided on the maximum refueling of multi-cylinder containers;
- The information on the valve on a reusable freon cylinder is given;
The catalog presents the serial nomenclature produced by the plant, drawings and components selection tables. The catalog can be downloaded in the corresponding section of the site or at the link