Safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038 (for R410A) | News

Safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038 (for R410A)

New safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038 (for R410A)

Frigopoint, the Russian plant for refrigeration components, announces the launch of the production of safety valves for the MP - FP-SV (MP) -038 line of vessels with a nominal pressure of 45 bar.
Valve specifications are presented below:
Parameters Value
Working principle Direct type
Type of drive Mechanical
Working pressure, MPa 4,5
Factory setting pressre, MPa 4,8
Working media temperature, С -50…+150
Alowable working media HFC, CFC, HCFC refrigerant gas
Shutter tightness class  В
Estimated cross-sectional area of ​​the flow par, mm2 19,6
Open pressure range 0,93Рн…1,07Рн
Close pressure range 0,4Зн…Рн
Outside testing pressure Atmospheric
Annual leakage, cm3 /  year 0
Climatic class UHL
Weight, kg 0,16

Sizes is same with the model FP-SV-038:
The safety valve has undergone development work and testing. Products launched into serial production. Frigopoint factory accepts orders for the safety valve FP-SV (MP) -038.