New FP-URL4 went on sale | News

New FP-URL4 went on sale

Laboratory for the production of electronic components FeedWay of the plant components of the refrigeration FRIGOPOINT in October 2018 has started serial production of the new electronic oil level regulators series FP-ERL4 in the new vandal-resistant housing with high protection class IP67 shell.
The new anti-vandal housing with integrated cables is protected from mechanical damage, in particular:
- damage to the plastic cover of the front side of the case;
- I would suggest-from tearing off the cable connectors by negligence in operation
- damage to the rear cover of the regulator;
, as well as errors arising from the installation of electrical connections, in particular from the connection of the power cable (din43650C 4P) to the relay contact (din43650C 3P) and non-sealed installation of cable connectors.
The device passed field tests and showed excellent results when working completely submerged in water, with 3 multiple cycles of freezing-thawing with freezing of the ice layer on the body, as well as long-term operation with a negative temperature of the body minus 40 C.
New regulators FP-ERL4 went on sale.
The previous generation of FP-Erl3 regulators in the short term will not be removed from the range.
In the near future, it is also planned to start manufacturing FP-ELS2 level sensors with IP67 shell protection class.