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FP product catalog 2019 (28 bar - 45 bar)

The Russian factory of refrigeration components Frigopoint has released a new catalog of refrigeration components 2019 in the catalog presents both models with a working pressure of 28 bar and a working pressure of 45 bar for refrigerant R410a.
The main differences from the nomenclature of 2018:
- New receivers FP-LR-300 and FP-LR-350;
- New valves for rotators FP-RV-014SAE, FP-RV-038SAE, FP-RV-038F;
- A new generation of oil level regulator FP-ERL4;
- New generation of Freon FP-ELS2 level sensor;
- New sensor oil level in the crankcase of the compressor FP-OLS2;
- The FP-VA nomenclature has been changed (derived from FP-VA-012, FP-VA-058, FP-VA-078, FP-VA-118, FP-VA-138);
- The design of the sight glasses of the FP-LR and FP-LRH refrigerant receivers, the FP-OR oil receiver, and the FP-OS oil separator has been changed;
- Introduced a new adapter for new ports of FP-FA sight glasses;
- New reusable vessels FP-CR-30Y and FP-CR-60Y;
The catalog presents the serial nomenclature produced by the plant, drawings and tables for the selection of components. The catalog can be downloaded in the corresponding section of the site http://www.frigopoint.com/ru/catalog or by the link http://frigopoint.com/files/download/6fcb279bb4f5252